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Vice President of Autonomous Machines  


Rob Csongor is vice president of Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA, where he’s responsible for go-to-market strategies for the AGX family of solutions, including the NVIDIA DRIVE platform for self-driving cars and NVIDIA Isaac platform for robotics and smart cities.

Csongor joined NVIDIA in 1995 to head up product marketing and launched NVIDIA’s first product, NV1. Over the years, he has served in several management and executive roles at the company, including vice president and general manager of the automotive business, vice president of investor relations, vice president of corporate marketing, general manager of the notebook business, and general manager of the embedded business.

Prior to NVIDIA, Csongor spent 12 years in the minicomputer and PC industry, including eight years at Adaptec, where he led the company’s SCSI host adapter business and served in a variety of product marketing and technical roles. He also held the roles of CEO, vice president and general manager at HearMe Corp.

Csongor holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Villanova University.

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence hardware for manufacturing

Without drama or hyperbole, we are living and working at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. It is being sparked by deep neural networks (DNNs) & artificial intelligence.An industrial revolution means everything changes. Your home, transportation, the workplace, medicine, science, finance, manufacturing, energy.We are no longer debating whether AI works or will it happen.  It is in full production already in multiple industries.You are using an NVIDIA GPU in a data center running deep neural networks every time you ask Amazon Alexa a question, or search on Google, or use FaceBook, or Microsoft, or IBM, etc. etc. Virtually every car maker in the world is working with NVIDIA to develop self-driving cars and trucks which promises to save millions of lives. There are NVIDIA processors & AI technology in almost every industry, at various stages of development.The industrial world is just starting to realize what AI is and how it can change manufacturing, factory automation, & robotics.NVIDIA has already announced partnerships with world leaders in factory automation & manufacturing including Fanuc, Musashi, & Denso, as well as new entrant fast-mover companies such as Kawada. All of them have realized the incredible potential of DNNs to do image processing better, faster, and with greater accuracy. Image processing for quality control is just the beginning. As in other industries, DNN applications will start to make sense of big data, and start tackling problems in logistics, system management, & quality and more.This situation is creating disruptions.

Disruptions are massive opportunities for some companies and death for others.Think how Tesla’s creation of electrics cars that are self-driving, incorporating DNNs and is fundamentally a software-defined car, is disrupting the automotive market. My talk will be to pass along to the audience NVIDIA’s experiences in how AI computing changed other industries, and how it is starting to affect manufacturing & factory automation. I’ll end with what companies can do next to come out ahead, based on lessons learned.