Atoms, Bits, and Minds…Where IT and Manufacturing Intersect


Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturing toward a new era in how we design, build and learn. But change is hard for an industry that is more than a century old.


Gain strategies to harness new industries hidden at the intersection of manufacturing and the Internet of Things from technology pioneer, Mickey McManus at the upcoming MT360 Conference.

McManus, visiting research fellow at Autodesk’s Office of the CTO and senior advisor to BCG, will present “Cherishing Cognition & Driving Performance at the Intersection of Atoms, Bits, and Minds” at MT360, May 12 – 14, 2020, in Santa Clara, Calif. A new event connecting manufacturers to the software developers and investors of Silicon Valley, MT360 aims to accelerate the integration of emerging technologies into manufacturing.  

While exploring the profound implications of a new era of connected factories, supply chains, products, and manufacturing ecosystems, McManus will focus on developing a new positive perspective on paradigm change specific to manufacturing. He’ll share thoughts about how to view this paradigm shift differently so that it’s not suddenly upon manufacturers and collapsing their processes.

“We’ve spent more than a century making manufacturing into a tool to provide more people with things. However, when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail,” says McManus. “This era of technology is impacting what it means to be human as ‘silicon cognition’ joins our own ‘organic cognition.’ New eras need a new way to think about them.”

More About Mickey McManus
A pioneer in pervasive computing, collaborative human/machine innovation, human-centered design and education, Mickey holds 13 patents in the area of connected products, vehicles and services. He is the co-author of the award-winning book, Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology. Trillions serves as a field guide to the future, where devices outnumber people and computing will be freely accessible in the ambient environment.

McManus was the president, CEO, and chairman of MAYA Design, a design consultancy and innovation lab that spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 1989 with a mission of taming complexity. During Mickey’s tenure as CEO at MAYA, the company won numerous Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) awards for product innovation; was selected multiple times as a top 20 “best small company to work for” in America by Fortune, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazines; and spun-out, launched, or incubated five new MAYA organizations based on research done for the U.S. Department of Defense.

MT360 brings traditional manufacturers, non-traditional tech companies, and venture capitalists into one conference to learn about transformative technologies that will intersect all three worlds.

  • Cognitive Automation – A spectrum of AI or data-related tools that enable automation systems to sense and react to information.

  • Additive Manufacturing – Several related technologies that enable manufacturers to create complex parts and fixtures through 3D printing.

  • Augmented Reality – Technologies that use digital displays to assist with manual tasks.

  • Digital Thread – Electronic connections that allow manufacturing information to follow a product through its entire production process.

In addition to the speakers and panel discussions, MT360 will host a Virtual Factory, which will showcase companies involved in every aspect of these technologies. Attendees can visit and interact with software companies, hardware companies, complete AR-platform providers, and smart manufacturing.

Space is limited. Register today at

MT360, May 12 – 14, 2020, Santa Clara, Calif.