The AI Promise - Efficiency and Results...Is it Real?


Technology startup expert to share practical strategies for manufacturers


Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises efficiency and cost-effective results, but are these promises real for advanced manufacturers? Mina Salib, Labs Manager at WeWork Labs, has guided dozens of companies through the integration of AI.

Salib is one of more than 25 speakers at MT360, a new event connecting manufacturers to the software developers and investors of Silicon Valley. Aiming to accelerate the integration of emerging technologies into manufacturing, MT360 takes place May 12 – 14, 2020, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif.

Salib will explore real AI applications that are being implemented by startups and manufacturers today and present a plan to craft a practical and impactful AI strategy for manufacturing businesses.

“We’ll go beyond AI theory,” says Salib. “We’ll distill complex AI systems into real applications ready to be deployed. I want people to walk away with practical strategies on how to apply AI in their businesses.”

WeWork’s global innovation platform is powering the next generation of industry transformation by helping startups and corporations. Prior to joining WeWork, Mina was program director at NYU Tandon Future Labs, the first public-private partnership with New York City, which is an incubation program that focuses on helping technology-enabled companies accelerate growth and scale their business operations. With a unique focus on AI, Salib and the Future Labs team have supported over 100 startups. Through his podcast, AI in the Wild, Salib helps professionals apply AI to their businesses.

“I am excited to speak at MT360,” says Salib. “I expect powerful and impactful results to come from MT360, which is bringing together hundreds of manufacturers with a genuine curiosity to learn how to apply the latest technology. MT360 bridges the gap between emerging technologies and proven manufacturing techniques.”

MT360 brings traditional manufacturers, non-traditional tech companies, and venture capitalists into one conference to learn about transformative technologies that will intersect all three worlds.

  • Cognitive Automation – A spectrum of AI or data-related tools that enable automation systems to sense and react to information.

  • Additive Manufacturing – Several related technologies that enable manufacturers to create complex parts and fixtures through 3D printing.

  • Augmented Reality – Technologies that use digital displays to assist with manual tasks.

  • Digital Thread – Electronic connections that allow manufacturing information to follow a product through its entire production process.

In addition to the speakers and panel discussions, MT360 will host a Virtual Factory, which will showcase companies involved in every aspect of these technologies. Attendees can visit and interact with software companies, hardware companies, complete AR-platform providers, and smart manufacturing.

Space is limited.  Register today at
MT360, May 12 – 14, 2020, Santa Clara, Calif.