Virtual and Augmented Reality Software Company Moves into More Headsets


this article was originally published on design world on jan 23, 2019

The Canadian company’s MR Studio is used for 3D visualization and collaboration in augmented, virtual and mixed reality. It can be used for design reviews, marketing demonstrations, new project pursuit, remote expert assistance and training across industries including architecture, engineering and construction; industrial engineering; energy and mining.

by jean thilmany

The company recently announced the expansion of their MR Studio mixed reality software platform to include Magic Leap One and virtual reality headsets in addition to new features for Microsoft HoloLens.

“Customers require a flexible platform that offers a common experience across multiple types of augmented, mixed and virtual reality devices,” says John Reeves the company’s chief executive officer. “We’re excited to announce that MR Studio supports an expanding number of artificial reality, virtual reality and mixed reality devices for cross platform, multi-user, collaborative experiences.”

Mixed Reality Studio Director delivers 3D content to users of the immersive and even the remote applications.

Mixed Reality Studio Director delivers 3D content to users of the immersive and even the remote applications.

MR Studio is an enterprise level solution designed to provide multi-user and multi-site mixed reality experiences for working with 3D CAD or BIM models and real-world 3D LiDAR scans.

Architecture, engineering and construction firms as well as those in the energy, engineering and mining industries can now combine mixed reality and fully immersive VR experiences while sharing design reviews, client walk-through experiences and visualize shared 3D content both locally and across locations, according to Reeves .

The Arvizio platform allows all aspects of collaboration, model mark up, model optimization and multi-user presentation to be operated from MRS Director, an PC-based client application that manages and coordinates the entire workflow. MRS Director is available as a local edition for shared experiences at a single site or enterprise edition for collaboration across multiple locations.

MRS Director allows a wide range of 3D data formats such as CAD models, BIM models (including a Revit plugin) and LiDAR scans to be optimized for visualization on MR devices and headsets. 3D models may be viewed at table top size or walked through at life size. Virtual meeting collaboration tools allow the experience to be synchronized for both local and remote participants. Annotation and real-world alignment tools create unique shared experiences among members of the team, the customers and stakeholders.

MR Studio users can:

  • Visualize and share large, complex 3D models and point clouds

  • Walk through life-size virtual buildings and other large-scale CAD models

  • View and share engineering documents associated with the model

  • Collaboratively communicate in real time among multiple users across locations

A key aspect of the software is no software programming is required, allowing users to import, optimize and share complex models from Revit, LiDAR systems and most popular CAD packages. Models are prepared for XR experiences using a flexible GUI interface which allows models to be optimized, annotated, aligned, clipped and linked with project related documents and images. The prepared models may then be shared among multiple users simultaneously.

In addition to expanding device support, the company is also launching version 3.0 of their MR Studio platform with new and enhanced features. Associated with the launch, Arvizio will be offering a Mixed Reality Innovators Pack, which offers an introduction to MR Studio and support for up to five devices utilizing a local computer.

MR Studio is available in two tiers: The local edition provides the ability to walk through designs at life size, align models with the real world for AR and MR digital twin scenarios and synchronize the view of multiple participants at a single location while the enterprise edition extends this set of capabilities to conduct virtual design reviews with multiple participants across locations.