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Program Director
NYU Future Labs

Mina Salib is the program director of NYU Tandon Future Labs, a series of incubators and accelerators in NYC who help technology-enabled companies accelerate growth and scale their business operations. With a unique focus on deep technology companies, specifically, artificial intelligence, Mina, and the Future Labs team have built up capacity around supporting B2B companies who sell services to both enterprises and SMB’s. Through curated resources, tailored introductions, strategic guidance, Mina has supported over 100 startups, helping them navigate various business challenges including, fundraising, business development, business model optimization, hiring and more. Mina is also the founder of AI in the Wild, a podcast focused on helping professionals across industry apply AI at their organizations.

The AI Promise - Efficiency and Results...Is it Real?

The legend of AI continues. "It’s" promise of efficiency and cost-effective results have captivated the hearts of professionals across industries, but are these promises real? In this session, we’ll separate fact from fiction, and explore real AI applications that are being implemented by startups & corporates across manufacturing, supply chain, and infrastructure today. Helping you craft a practical and impactful AI strategy for your company.