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Thought Leadership


3DEO, Inc.


Matthew Petros: (Matt) is an expert in advanced additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Southern California, where he focused on the development of binder jetting/bulk sintering metallic AM process for stainless steel alloys. Matt has authored and co-authored several papers in the metal AM space. In 2016, Matt co-founded 3DEO to commercialize the world’s first truly affordable metal AM technology. Matt has received three National Science Foundation SBIR awards for commercializing metal AM technologies. His long-term interests lie in advancing technology development and integration in the creation of a true factory of the future.

An Introduction to Metal 3D Printing for Serial Production

3DEO has developed a breakthrough metal 3D printing technology that is both predictable and capable. The technology unlocks the potential of metal 3D printing for all industries that need complex metal components. For the first time, metal 3D printing can compete in terms of cost and quality with traditional manufacturing. To make this possible, 3DEO had to realize that the additive technology is only one piece of the production puzzle. Much more than an additive technology, 3DEO is developing the factory of the future, one in which the ease of scaling on-demand production changes the landscape of product development and competition. Matt Petros, co-founder and inventor of the technology, will introduce 3DEO's technology and its innovative approach to manufacturing in the 21st century.