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Thought Leadership

Dr. Jens

Head of Marketing and Product Management Controls

Electrical engineering degree and subsequent doctorate in mechanical engineering, specifically metal-cutting manufacturing on the topic of “non-linear effects in electromechanical drives” Joined DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH in 2001; Head of Application Development since 2003; Manager of Marketing and Product Support for CNC Controls since 2013

Automated manufacturing of lot size one - challenges for NC controls
TUESDAY, 6/18, 8:30am // Tech theater

The customization of products in fields such as medical and automotive engineering result in ever greater demands on the economic production of small lots. Provided that the complexity of the components remains manageable and a digital thread covers all relevant job data, automatic loading can increase the efficiency of cutting machine tools even for small lot sizes. Vertical networking of machines through a powerful interface of the NC with ERP and MES systems and using parameters such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can yield further potential increases in efficiency. However, investments in automation technology for small lot sizes is not justified unless risks from tool breakage and wear, collisions, vibrations as well as temperature and load-dependent position errors of the machine can be dealt with. Here NC controls for machine tools can make a significant contribution with methods for tool and collision detection to optimize motion control and for active compensation of vibrations.